2018 – 2019 Players & Coaches of the Month

In recognition for demonstrating outstanding leadership, commitment, integrity, production, and work ethic, we are proud to announce to you the 2018-2019 Players & Coaches of the Month. These incredible athletes and coaches demonstrate the best qualities team sports have to offer and because of their leadership we will continue to be South Strong!

February Players & Coaches of the Month

12 Premier Black Erin McDowell
12 Premier Purple Brighten Sedmack
13 Premier White Ella Chevalier
13 Premier Black Katelyn Carroll
13 Premier Purple Marissa Peck
14 Premier White Delaney Shovlin
14 Premier Black Jasmine Santana
14 Premier Purple Lily Lucas
15 Premier Black Emerson Fiore
15 Premier Purple Cameryn Rose
16 Premier Black Marsha McDade
16 Premier Purple Ceci Nakfoor
17 Premier Black Alison VanOlst
17 Premier Purple Emma Roy
18 Premier Purple Alexis Piatkowski

Middle School Coach of the Month: Ashley Murano 12 Premier Purple
High School Coach of the Month: Thais Baziquetto-Allen 17 Premier Purple

January Players of the Month

12 Premier Black Cameryn Kent
12 Premier Purple Sofia King
13 Premier White Taylor Hedge
13 Premier Black Demi Ritchie
13 Premier Purple Ava Zehnder
14 Premier White Delani Stugart
14 Premier Black Allyson Horst
14 Premier Purple Chandler Swanson
15 Premier Black Karlie Baker
15 Premier Purple Gracie Lane
16 Premier Black Jensen Diggs
16 Premier Purple Isabella Shahriari
17 Premier Black Lane Maxey
17 Premier Purple Erin Brauch
18 Premier Purple Noelle Tursky

Middle School Coach of the Month: Scott Neyhart
High School Coach of the Month: Justin Altman

December Players of the Month

12 Premier Black Ella Hazelett
12 Premier Purple Hanna Cote
13 Premier Black Kendall Williams
13 Premier Purple Rylie Thibideau
13 Premier White Nora Atkins
14 Premier White Grace Stewart
14 Premier Black Victoria Borton
14 Premier Purple Kaatja VanZanten
15 Premier Black Edviana Dedaj
15 Premier Purple Nina Avren
16 Premier Black Ryan Archambault
16 Premier Purple Natalie Rehm
17 Premier Black Jordyn Ward
17 Premier Purple Libby Bickelhaupt
18 Premier Purple Alexa Moulzolf

Middle School Coach of the Month: Nancy Eskay – 15PB
High School Coach of the Month: Natasa Stanic – 12PB

November Players of the Month

12 Premier Black Mia DiLorezo
12 Premier Purple Ella Moss
13 Premier Black Makayla Knightly
13 Premier Purple Jillian Goetz
14 Premier White Mia Taylor
14 Premier Black Gabby Gear
14 Premier Purple Emily Richardson
15 Premier Black CLaire Bowden
15 Premier Purple Caroline Jolly
16 Premier Black Madeline Sanders
16 Premier Purple Madelyn Paul
17 Premier Black Paige Peterson
17 Premier Purple Marissa Marzullo
18 Premier Purple Sofia Nakfoor

Middle School Coach of the Month: Jason Burgess – 13PP
High School Coach of the Month: Veronica Turk – 16PB