2019 – 2020 Players & Coaches of the Month

In recognition for demonstrating outstanding leadership, commitment, integrity, production, and work ethic, we are proud to announce to you the 2019-2020 Players & Coaches of the Month. These incredible athletes and coaches demonstrate the best qualities team sports have to offer and because of their leadership we will continue to be South Strong!

January Players of the Month

11 Premier Purple Chase Hathaway
12 Premier Purple Peyton Garrick
12 Premier Black Lauren Swanson
13 Premier Purple Gabby Dwyer
13 Premier Black Cameryn Kent
14 Premier Purple Chloe Goldenbaum
14 Premier Black Victoria King
14 Premier White Mayah Goldman
14 Premier Grey Lillie Layne
15 Premier Purple Chandler Swanson
15 Premier Black Hannah Slutz
15 Premier White Alexandra Enamorado
16 Premier Purple Avery Piatt
16 Premier Black Elexis Lamparello
17 Premier Purple Brooke Beebe
17 Premier Black Jensen Diggs
18 Premier Purple Haley Bussell

Middle School (11U – 14U Teams) Coach of the Month: Thais Baziquetto-Allen 14 Premier Purple
High School (15U – 18U Teams) Coach of the Month: Jason Burgess 15 Premier Purple

December Players of the Month

11 Premier Purple Exa Zavoico
12 Premier Purple Camryn Hedge
12 Premier Black Jane Reilly
13 Premier Purple Sofia King
13 Premier Black Ella Nelson
14 Premier Purple Elizabeth Peltz
14 Premier Black Taylor Hedge
14 Premier White Katelyn Carroll
14 Premier Grey Lauren Halsey
15 Premier Purple Jordan Curran
15 Premier Black Gabby Gear
15 Premier White Mackenzie Fennell
16 Premier Purple Isabella Velazquez
16 Premier Black Emerson Fiore
17 Premier Purple Natalie Rehm
17 Premier Black Olivia Bell
18 Premier Purple Brielle Bellamy

Middle School (11U – 14U Teams) Coach of the Month: Veronica Turk 13 Premier Black
High School (15U – 18U Teams) Coach of the Month: Marci Walker 16 Premier Black

November Players of the Month

11 Premier Purple Lauren Chlumsky
12 Premier Purple Emily Perez
12 Premier Black Remy Foos
13 Premier Purple Ella Moss
13 Premier Black Ella Hazelett
14 Premier Purple Olivia Hoy
14 Premier Black Mia Bucher
14 Premier White Audrey Muller
14 Premier Grey Jordyn Radford
15 Premier Purple Victoria Borton
15 Premier Black Alex Bocanegra
15 Premier White Paola Collazo
16 Premier Purple Kirstin Koert
16 Premier Black Lauren Lee
17 Premier Purple Janna Morrissey
17 Premier Black Savannah Ortega
18 Premier Purple Marsha McDade

Middle School (11U – 14U Teams) Coach of the Month: Marina Adami 14 Premier White
High School (15U – 18U Teams) Coach of the Month: Sonya Leszczynski 18 Premier Purple