USA South Premier Program

team photo at Daytona beach

The Premier Program has been designed for the player with a strong dedication and commitment to the sport of volleyball. This program includes additional practice sessions and multiple out-of-state competitions. Players in this program are required to attend all training sessions, competitions, and should plan on participating in volleyball training each weekend during the club season. Teams in this program will compete at the highest level at all times and participate only at the open and national level in all competitions regardless of results. All players/teams will be required to participate in the USAV or AAU National Championships at the end of the season.

In addition the following will be offered:

USA South Master Coaching

Our Master Coaches are highly qualified and trained to design, implement, and facilitate the necessary volleyball fundamentals in a streamlined system. This system allows for all players, regardless of age or skill level, to be trained in a manner in which each can reach their full potential. Master Coaches design layered monthly practice plans to allow coaches to train players and reach weekly/monthly training goals with high success. This allows all players in the program to continue on a steady growth path and maximize their volleyball skills.

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